Barnyard Boggers- Monster Trucks And MEGA MUD Truck Mud Bog in Rochester NY

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2019 DATES:    June 8   Aug 10   Sept 14

Monster Trucks, Mega Mud Trucks, and all types of 4×4 trucks that play in the mud are welcome at are event, or you can come and watch them sling some mud and jump over the hills.

Our place is in Williamson NY, which is just east of Rochester NY.  Click the link for the event info and some videos and pictures of the event.  Click here for more event info from FACEBOOK


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Find Barnyard Boggers

Located at 3020 Rt 104 Williamson NY (parking is at Spencer speedway)
The event is in the field/woods next door to the speedway
Gates open at 10, trucks run from 12-5 pm
Drivers Meeting at 11:45 at pull pad

$10 to watch, (kids 10 and under are FREE)or to run your truck OR $20 gets you in, and a Barnyard Boggers event shirt (shirts are sold inside the event at a higher price)
Grudge match tog-o-war pull pad
Concessions available, including food, drinks and Beer
Barnyard Boggers T shirts and window stickers are sold inside the event area
Canopy pop-up tents are allowed, and we limit how many. first come first serve
Coolers are allowed and will be checked.

*****NO GLASS*****NO ALCOHOL**** allowed
Handicapped parking is available
Kids bounce house and rock wall are free for kids to use
The Bogger Bus is available for rides for all ages for $1 per person
There is NOT an ATM machine, and its cash only at the gate

*The following are NOT allowed on the property:
Alcohol  / Glass containers / Pets / Grills / ATV’S including side by sides

One side of the mud pits is for street trucks and trucks with tires under 44 inches tall
the other side is for trucks with tires 44 inches tall and larger ONLY
*Trucks that drive in, and go in the mud. MUST wash off before leaving, and use the SOUTH exit of the speedway (NOT 104), and you MUST TURN RIGHT on to ridge rd. We will have the wash-out area marked, and clear for you to hose off.
*Trucks on trailers may exit on to 104 .

This event is an “open bog” event. Most of the trucks are privately owned and driven. They are allowed to start up and run anytime they want. We do not have “scheduled events” but we do have some special things that we offer from time to time and that will be announced. This is not like a Monster Jam Monster Truck type event. They have every minute scheduled with something. Our mud run event here is an open free for all. Men and women start up and go play and its a blast to watch. We also average 15 MEGA trucks here per event. Many of the MEGA trucks hit the whole mud park. Some are high horsepower gas or alcohol engines that are loud as heck, and some are big diesel engines that have crazy black smoke pouring out as they tackle the mud.  If you look into our pictures and Facebook pages, you will see tons of pictures of trucks jumping through the air. Many of the MEGA trucks are built for crazy jumping and put on a great little show. Ripping up the mud pits, sliding around, and jumping crazy distances. Most of the drives built their trucks in their back yards! Several took years to get together to put on a show for you. They dont get paid, there is not payouts. This is done for fun and hearing people in the stands cheer boost the adrenaline of the drives to run faster and harder… Keep that in mind when you are there. Cheer on all these folks

Inflatable Monster Truck Slide

Barnyard Boggers Rock Climbing Wall

scots in mud

Barnyard Boggers started as a group of friends around Rochester NY that had 4X4 trucks and loved playin in the mud. Trucks + mud = mud bogging. Taking a road legal truck into a muddy area is crazy fun. Foot to the floor, fish tailin and mud slingin…each time you run your truck, you want more….more horse power, more lift, more tread. Year after year the improvements drive you and others to upgrade their rigs. More spectators cheering gives us more drive to make things bigger and badder. We are not professionals, we don’t have sponsors paying for stuff, were just Barnyard Boggers.

Barnyard Boggers can be be seen at many mud bogging events around Rochester NY, and surrounding counties. Mud parks such as:

Lake Alice Motorsports (AKA Lake Alice Mud Boggs on Facebook) in Waterport NY

Kirbys Kompound in Palmyra NY

Friday 4X4 Spencerport NY

Wallington Bog n Grog in Sodus NY

Maximum Power Park in Poland NY (home of Trucks Gone Wild upstate NY 2014)

Sweeden Swampers in Brockport NY (home of Trucks Gone Wild upstate NY 2012)

Mudapalooza at Pig Pens Waller in E Bethany NY

King of Trucks events

and many other Trucks Gone Wild Events

What to expect for a first time mud bogger spectator…

Quigley at kirbys kompound 2015

This is an event put on by normal people (kinda normal) not professional “monster truck” type shows. This is a place where people go with a 4X4 truck and drive in the mud. Its awesome to do, and to watch. Run Wathcha Brung is a saying we use when people take therir daily driver trucks out to play in the mud. You will see daily drivers, trucks with lift kits and bigger then stock tires, and some trucks that are just built for the mud and are not road legal. To hear the roaring engines, the slip and slidin trucks are slingin mud all over the place…

The MEGA trucks look similar to monster trucks, but instead of crushing cars and flying 20 ft in the air, we drive through tons of mud. We do get some air time after hitting our jumps too, just not like a truck monster truck… Again, most of the MEGA mud trucks are built by neighborhood people without sponsors.

If you or a family member are into cars, trucks, racing, tractor pulls or mud bogging, we know this is an event you will want to attent. We have several out of town MEGA truck guests that will be there to put on an awesome show. Hope to see you out there

WTF at Kirbys big splash


We have our mud bog events at Spencer Speedway
3020 Rt 104, Williamson NY. This event will be the largest mud park in the area. There is a totally separate area for smaller trucks (run whatcha brung) and another mud bog area with mud pits, jumps and room to air it out for the MEGA mud trucks.Barnyard Boggers is scheduled to host 3 mud bog events in 2015. The location for the events are at spencer speedway, 3020 Rt 104 Williamson NY. (see map below) Parking is at the speedway and the entrance to the mud bog park is right there. There are food vendors, porta potties, and a ton of are to run your mud trucks. We have the mud park split up into 2 sections. One for trucks with 42 inch tall tires and smaller, and the other side is for 44 inch or taller tires. We do have several machines to pull out the stuck trucks. Many folks run there daily driver 4X4 and have a blast. Our event in 2014 had over 20 big mud trucks putting on a show. We had some big horsepower mega trucks flyin thru the mud, over table tops, and a bus. . The HUGE turn out for the event left people saying how they cant wait till our next event.